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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
I'm just gonna go panel by panel, again.

Panel 1, the blue guy is there again. As far as the dialogue, though, Max's line there is to contextualize the tech level more. Yeah he's seen a computer before, but he's only familiar with DOS type stuff. Think like Strong Bad Emails.

Panel 2 further cements this, albeit it also shows how fucking loaded Sally is. Getting Claire a computer with a GUI was a snap for Lady Wickerish here. Even if it's so off the market, that Max hasn't even heard the acronym before.

Panel 3, I like the sound effect.

Panel 4, ah, yeah, I'm wondering how many people will be bothered by this/catch it, but Claire flat out just says "so back in chapter 3." Given where we are in the story, and the current mood, it's not really jarring, though I guess this does mean there's a bit of fourth wall breaking going on here. Though it's also not like Max even acknowledges it much, beyond saying "yeah I remember." Also Claire's ire for Sally's vanity is a bit ironic, given her own mannerisms and wardrobe. You'd think Sally would be the one who'd be trying to use her assets more, to get what she wants, than Claire, given how Claire talks about her, but that isn't really the case.

Panel 5, and yeah, Max was essentially "Gearless Joe" from Megalo Box. Albeit I thought of this bit long before I even heard of Megalo Box, but it's still got a good overlap. In an arena where every fighter is loaded up on Burning, slamming into eachother, Max stood at the top with only his bare skills.

Panel 6, this line clashes only a small bit, if you assume Max thinks he avoided all kinds of Burning on purpose. In actuality, he avoided all of "that colored stuff" as he'd call it at the time, and only now can explain it due to Sally's tutelage. Which is backed up by him asking Claire what his Afterburn is.

Panel 7, and Claire is just as baffled as everyone reading this probably is. This isn't like Hunter x Hunter, or Jojo even, this is like MHA only literally everyone has an Afterburn. And it's not like Max doesn't have one, he does. It's just he has no idea what it is. Unfortunately Claire's stumped, since, as she says, it normally just sorta comes to people. Also I'm a big fan of how I had the sound effects physically exist there in space (albeit not actually part of the world.)

Panel 8, and like that she's back in her clinical mode, treating Max as a patient again, instead of some annoying shithead. Same as the last panel, I really like how I have the "TURN" existing in 3D space in the scene.
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