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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
Page 117
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
At a glance, you can already tell this is a page with a lot more dialogue, and in turn, another one I had to think over a lot. So in turn, I'm just going to go panel by panel, here.

Alright, so the first panel. The Skull Boys' reaction to Claire and Max, with them trying to ship her with him, but Claire is having none of that. But her reaction isn't just one of disagrement, but instead one of annoyance, she's looking a bit depressed. You can extrapolate from there, quite a bit, namely that part of why she's so good at her job, is that she's "married" to it. And gets flack from her family from doing so. This is in and of itself mildly interesting, since her initial design, from years back, started with her being perpetually single, and there being a running joke of how she can't get a boyfriend. Only other bit is that Max doesn't know who she is. Which makes sense, seeing as how she hasn't introduced herself yet. In hindsight, this is an unintetional bit here, but I guess this also implies Max hasn't been getting any damage he's got on the job, treated properly, yet. But that does fit him, so I'll roll with it.

Panels 2 and 3, eh, more just of that whole "skirting the line" imagery I've been working with, for her. She's the most overtly sexual, of the three Wickerish ladies, but she's also not exactly friendly with it, or in good fun.

Panel 4, the setup she had in the previous three pages is actually her desk. She can pull it out, and wheel it around her office, to treat patients, as well as update logs and get feeds of the instruments, in real time.

Panel 5 doesn't have much. Claire looks nice, I suppose, and if you look at her shoulders, she's visibly NOT bulked up, like Sally is. This is because Claire's the medic, she doesn't fight. Papi and Sally are the end all be all last line of defense, akin to hiring the Zoldycks (Hunter x Hunter), and so they need to be killing machines in Sally's case, and able to defend the fort, in Papi's case.

Panel 6, this is where it gets good. Finally I'm explaining this one bit of 「Afterburns」, that I neglected to, until this point. Basically, they're quirks. And in turn, since they're genetic and can be passed on, albeit with some genetic variance, you can inherit vestigial traits of an 「Afterburn」 that really only affect your appearance. And yeah, I'm referencing Luffy and Tokoyami Fumikage, in Claire's examples of 「Afterburns」, as well as Sonic. Yes, Max's hair isn't styled that way in universe, nor is it just in realistic clumps and layers with the art style being why it looks that way. No he's straight up got hair clumps that look like Sonic's quills.

Panel 7, which is to say this is all why Claire can be El Grande's grand daughter. And why so many weird background people, look the way they do. Like the four armed mole man, or the big hamster guy. Yes, they're ALL human. EVERYONE.

That being said, another fun bit here, with these two's dynamic. As hot as both of them are, in universe, neither really has an interest in the other, due to the personalities. Max finds Claire's, frankly, repulsive, and Claire finds Max's lacking in "spice." She tries to flirt and imply he's staring at her chest, but if you look you can see Max is clearly looking her in the eyes, as he responds. And yeah, Max's mama/"Mama Stardusk" did indeed raise him right. We'll get to her eventually, but for the time being, I think I'll just show you a picture of her here (THIS SHOULD BE A HYPERLINK, AND THIS PARANTHETICAL SHOULD BE DELETED. IF I FORGOT TO, PLEASE @ ME ON ANY OF MY PLATOFRMS, AND I WILL CORRECT THAT). And you can extrapolate a lot, from this, and the next panels. Because, see...

Panel 8, I forget off the top of my head, as of writing this blurb, if Max mentions how not knowing his 「Afterburn」 got him into this mess, but that's the main reason he wants to know his. Given he got his shit pushed in, for NOT knowing it. But even with Claire's imparted information, Max is SOL. Because...

Panel 9, yup, he's adopted. But the way he mentions it, also indicates something. Namely that he doesn't mind, which should tell you a bit more about his mama.

Anyway, that's it for this page.
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