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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
Page 116
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
So yeah, if it didn't sink in on the last page, that's Claire's GRANDPA. As in, yes, her grandfather is a giant skeleton. Welcome to the Skull Boys. That's not actually the last name, since they have a normal family tree, it's just huge, (as shown in panel 5.) Don't worry, I'll explain it in a little bit, but yes, somehow the giant skeleton has a normal human looking hot granddaughter. And on top of that, because the family is so god damned big, Sally's army of Skull Boys is actually one giant literal family. There's a reason for that. I won't go into it here, but there is a reason for this, in terms of *why* I wrote it that way.

Other small bits are the fact that Claire calls Papi "Mrs. Robinson," Further showing her professionalism. The fact that there are a ton of unique Skull Boy designs, as well as ones we saw back in chapter 3, when Sally busts the locker room wall down. The fact that they "laugh in spanish" (use "J" instead of "H"), and are shown reacting to Max's shock in panels 7 and 8. Oh, and the "BONE" sound effect is made to look like one of the Skull Boys, a bit.

Anyway, next page has a lot of information in it.
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