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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
Page 115
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
Claire LOVES her Abuelito.

At least, that's the main takeaway from this page, just having a bit of interaction with characters, that's not directly meant to be huge story pushing beats. But there's still a ton of small things to pick up on, here. Namely, the fact that Claire's just using her 「Afterburn」 casually. We've seen Papi use her's in public before, as the first real example of someone just casually using theirs, but this is a big thing, despite how subtle it is. Both Papi's and Claire's actions are indicative that the Kingdom doesn't restrict use of 「Afterburns」 for civilian use. So by proxy, Claire is free to just start tapping her foot and humming a song, to activate 「Human After All」, and hold up the salt shaker in her Abuelita's food basket, and sprinkle that sweet sweet chunky sea salt, onto her tortilla.

Oh, and the obvious takeaway. The "Grande" in El Grande's (nick)name isn't just because he's huge, he's also "the Grandpa." Also Claire's nickname is a reference to her proto-design, which can be seen here. The namesake for that initial Claire, being a remix of "Eclaire" and "Macaroon." And yes, Claire is his granddaughter. It'll be explained in a bit, but think like Quirks and how a character like Tokoyami Fumikage just has a bird head.

Oh, and those marks on Max's torso aren't tats. They're scars. Speaking of Max, there's another subtle bit going on here in the first panel. Go all the way back to page 72, and you'll notice a marked difference in his reaction. Namely the fact that when Papi did something similar to him, he got a bit flustered, but something about Claire has him just annoyed that she's touching him. My money's on her showing off the goods a bit too liberally. Who knows, maybe Max has a particular taste in women. But it'll be a while until we find out. Anyway, onto the next page.
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