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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
Page 114
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
The uh, blurbs from here on aren't going to be as ludicrously long, as 113's. I just had a whole lot to say about Claire's design there.

So given I have to economize how what I show in the comic, what with how slow production is, I wanted this page to be pretty dense with stuff that shows how Claire is at her job. One thing you might not notice is that the turntable she brings out, to start mixing, is her desk. It comes out of the shelf area and can be wheeled around, letting her mix for「human after all」 anywhere in the room, and then some, if she has to take it elsewhere. Speaking of that, this is the first time I've used a visual word effect for an Afterburn's activation. And lowercase letters isn't going to be a universal thing. It's specifically because it's in reference to the Afterburn's namesake. Likewise, the humming in panel 3 is a reference to said song. I initially only had it at taking up the panel, but upon feedback from my editor, I thought that extending it all the way up past the top, would cement the notion that it's that song's humming, being referenced. Well, that and the fact that the comic literally announced the song's name in the first panel.

Anyway, it's like she said in panel 6. The Afterburn is extra hands and speed healing, as long as he's making music. See, we needed a reason to essentially shrug off the damage I put Max through, but at the same time it's not flawless. Claire's one of the best in her field, but as you can see in panel 4 Max is sporting some fresh scars along his bicep/upper arms. They'll normally be covered up, but I wanted to cement to the audience the fact that scars are a real thing in this world. And that they last. But more than that, it also gives you an idea of what Claire does, and how good she is at it. In panel 3 alone she's doing three separate things, all at the same time. Mixing, taking Max's blood pressure, and jotting down his vitals as she takes them. Also 「human after all」's neutral form is a four fingered hand, surrounding Claire's torso. It also retracts into her, like a tape measure, as shown in panel 4.

I actually debated having the papers on the clipboard be pink, but that raised a lot of questions regarding 「Message in a Bottle」, and the limits Papi has on them. Can she tell when someone writes on one of them? Do they just never disappear? What happens when she runs out of 「Fuel」? etc.

Speaking of 「Fuel」 and general limits on Burning. We finally get an explanation as to what 「FEEDING FRENZY」 and 「OVERCLOCK REMIX」 are. To put it simply, they're 「Overheat」. Or rather, since she named it last page, they're using all four elements of 「Burning」 at once. It's basically a "limiters are off" mode, from a platinum game. It's a powerful mode, with powerful drawbacks.

Oh, and El Grande. Yeah, I bet you thought "Grande" was strictly because he was so big. Nope. It's also because he's "El Grande Padre." Now of who? Well we at least know he's Claire's, but you can probably put two and two together. As for what he brought? Well I had to do some research, but I wanted to get it accurate, so that he wasn't just saying like "I brought you a burrito." I specfically wanted it to be meaningful and something that some 25 year old lady's grandma would make her, as comfort food. Hence the Caldito de Pollo, as well as El Grande calling her "mi chiquita." Also El Grande's announcer SFX are just a thing that happens, whenever he enters somewhere. Yes it'll happen every time he shows up in the future.

There's more I could talk about, but let's save that for the next page, shall we?
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