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5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM in Game Face
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Sketch_Armstrong 5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM edit delete
And NOW we see why Max is so fucking terrified of using the Scarlet Tiger. If Overclock Remix looks familiar, that's because it should. As of writing, I still need to find some way to explain this in universe, but what Max is doing right here is called 「OVERHEAT」, and it's as dangerous as it sounds. Basically, if you remember the rules Sally laid out back in chapter 4, there's four general elements to Burning, itself. (Burning, Thrust, Ignition, Afterburn. Though I guess you could say "Burning" is too vague, and knock it down to 3.) 「OVERHEAT」 is blowing through your 「Fuel」 to activate all 4 elements at once. It's a supercharge, and wicked strong, but potentially lethal in a very short amount of time.

Oh, and yeah, regarding OC REMIX itself, part of how Max can even GET in this state involves hyping himself up, slipping back into his stage persona, and going crazy. So yes, he literally lunged at him and bit him so hard, he ripped off a quarter of Game Face, with his mouth.
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