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5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM in Game Face
Page 104
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Sketch_Armstrong 5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM edit delete
Said subject matter, is common amidst Game, and why the populus fucking hates them. They come in, they genocide the residents, and take pleasure in tormenting the survivors. They're fucking rotten, vile, little beasts, so it's a damn good thing if you go out and slaughter a few.

And right now, Max is in the mood to do so. Unfortunately for Max, their tormenting is an entirely evolutionary mechanism. They're not human levels of intelligence, they're evil assholes, but it's entirely because if you can fuck with an Ender enough, they're /way/ less of a threat, because of the next point.

As stated earlier, if you just shock an Ender hard enough, be it through physical trauma, or mental distractions, you can knock them /out/ of Ignition, if not /all/ types of Burning, entirely. Max had it happen a few pages ago, it happened to him at the end of Chapter 4, and Max even did it to Sally back in chapter 3.

It sounds like it might be an obvious weakness to build in, and as a stereotypical shonen magic system, you might think it's not /too/ big of a deal, sure. But the reason this is such a problem for Enders is stuff like what happens to Max here.

Without his Ignition up? Yeah, all those impacts he took just now did their full damage. As stated by Papi, keeping your Burning up lets you dampen falls, to the point of avoiding any shock damage. That doesn't just apply to falls, since remember, it's not the fall that kills you.
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