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5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM in Game Face
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Sketch_Armstrong 5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM edit delete
And just like that, Max proves Dalisay's initial concerns were full of shit. Look at that dude go. Effortlessly pivoting behind Game Face. But let's not sell Max short here. The reason Game Face is such a threat is that despite the seemingly bulky appearance, he's /lightning/ fast. So fast that his body lunging at Max is slammed up against the wall, and pressing off it nearly perpendicular. Despite that, Max is already flipping over him, showing just why Sally keeps this little shit around. Unrestricted, he's a fucking beast, as demonstrated.

Of course, all that raw fucking skill, can be pierced if the opponent catches you getting cocky enough to let your mind drift. Which Game Face does and promptly knocks Max out of Ignition, and right into a pile of, rainbow? There's a bit creeping in foreshadowing stuff, too. Wonder what it means.

But before that, yes, I remembered that we never had Max's Afterburn pointed out. There was a simple reason. He didn't know it, and it never came up. For all the power that Sally has, she's honestly a pretty bad teacher, and shockingly negligent when it comes to her apprentice. What, did you expect the lady who just sat and watched him beat himself against trees, when she could've told him how to do it better, would really think this that through?

Oh, and basic shadows are back, because using black shadows in a literally all black scene, would lead immediately to visual overload and clutter shit up. I honestly might keep them in the future, though, given I liked how they looked here.
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