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5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM in Game Face
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Sketch_Armstrong 5th Jul 2019, 6:00 PM edit delete
Not much to say with this one, it's just talking to transition to the upcoming bits. Though there's a few things.

First one is that Dalisay dropped the term "Prometheus." We'll get back to that later, but just keep that term in mind. If you can't connect the dots, remember how Spongebob, a show set underwater, had their god as "Neptune?" Yeah.

Anyway, though Dalisay warms up to Max, after seeing him ignore what she said to him, and just try to make some kid's day. Even if he didn't know that kid absolutely fucking hates him, for what he did to the Blue Dragon. As well as Max nearly slipping up, and letting some random girl hear that "Thunder Dragoon" used to be "Blue Dragon." And by proxy, letting everyone know Gienne's old stage name. Of course you'd have to extrapolate a bit there, to catch, but I've steadily been laying the groundwork for Gienne over all this. That'll all pay off soon, trust me.

Of course, despite all that, now that Dalisay thinks he's actually decent, she /really/ doesn't want to send him in there now, entierly because of the shift in opinion. But why? Max certainly agrees with us, that the sentiment's a bit patronizing.
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