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1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM in Interlude: Doctor Doctor!!
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Sketch_Armstrong 1st Nov 2019, 3:00 PM edit delete
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Okay, so the name of the interlude IS indeed a reference to "Bad Case of Loving You," and that's for a good reason. I won't say exactly what kind of girl/doctor Claire here is, but I will say that-Oh right, yeah. I should probably go into a bit of detail here.

Fair warning, I don't think each page's blurb will be this big, for the rest of the interlude. It's mostly frontloaded over Claire's design.

So this is Claire. You'll see how her「Burning」and「Afterburn」work, later, but for now let's just talk about her design. I've discussed it with my editor (friend) before, and he broke down the general feminine traits I was putting into my girls, into some pretty simple descriptors. If Papi is "cute" and Sally is "sexy" then Claire is "erotic" that or just "lewd." Don't get me wrong, she's not easy, but I've made it a point to not really show off my girls in this story, so far. Papi and Sally both never showed cleavage, for example, and both their gym outfits, while they'd be excessively revealing IRL, in a comic and the context surrounding the medium, they're really not that out there. Hell back when I had Sally lift her leg up, I deliberately avoided detailing her pelvic area, so as to not make it needlessly vulgar.

And all of that is important, because Claire is another element to the anima that I'm injecting into these designs. Despite what I said earlier, I've slipped in bits that convey that while Papi might not really do this much (her clothing is rather frumpy, or excessively casual), Sally's clothes all still conspicuously cling to her figure, all to show that she knows what she's doing. Claire is the logical extension of that (and don't worry, there's also a "logical extension" to Papi's modesty elements, later on) and she acts as a SHARP contrast to how I've designed my ladies, so far.

Unlike Papi and Sally, Claire is not off the market, and as such isn't nearly as conservative in her wardrobe, while at the same time still technically not being too out there. Where as Sally and Papi both keep their chests covered, Claire's got such deep cleavage and sides exposed, you can see her bra. Where Papi and Sally cover their figures, albeit Sally's hug her's, Claire's "vest" amounts to little more than an apron. Though as I say all of this, I need to also point out that Claire's got her labcoat kept on her upper arms, akin to Makise Kurisu or Futaba's jackets. What this means is that if she stands up, what you see from behind amounts to little more than a backless dress, but if she leans forward or sits forward, you suddenly can see a lot more.

All of this, is because I wanted her to look cool, but in a distinct way from Sally, or the later girls I put in here. Likewise, I didn't want her to just be "max with tits" in her character design. That element of "sexy" is important, it adds to the later bits of characterization I wrote for her, giving her a sort of "femme fatale" vibe, and plays into the interlude's title of "DOCTOR DOCTOR." Said song those lyrics are a reference to, are direct remarks about the singer's hot doctor. Initially I started thinking of her in terms of how she related to the guys around her, but I found it much more engaging to instead take the ideas I was only beginning to form there, and instead run with them into her own thing.

Like, let me make one thing clear. Claire isn't a floozy. She's not easy. She's honestly probably smarter than "you" (general you there, think "most guys in Excaliburgh), but she's not exactly sweet or kind, either. She's a bit of a bitch, she likes to show off, and she likes what her looks get her. But this is the surface level of stuff, really. In the following pages, you'll see why she's a lot more than just a pretty face, and a nice back. If anything, she might be the most important member of Wickerish INC.
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