Thank you.

Thank you.
by Sketch_Armstrong 22nd Jul 2018, 9:39 PM

Yes you. The person reading this. You are one seriously radical dude, if you're reading this of all posts. I'm serious, like, who does that? Read the comicfury author blogs. 

I'll tell you who. You. And you know why that's significant? 
Because it shows how utterly supportive of EGWT you are. Like, it's one thing to just follow one of my pages, where I post miscellanneous stuff, but you sought out the comic, you checked for an author blog, and you read it.

EGWT is my childhood dream, or rather "to make a comic book" is. And a comic book is only worth something if the author can share it. Why? Because there's just so much fun to be had, if the comic proliferates. Oh you have no idea how much it means to me to know you read this. Seriously.

And by extension, if you read this, you're either someone who cares about EGWT a lot, like I do, or, well. You're uh, shall we say, "dedicated" to it. Regardless, thank you for reading this and supporting EGWT.